Friday, May 8, 2020

Wellness Tools

May 8, 2020
Mental Health Awareness Month
Wellness Tools

Where it all began...

As a teenager, I began clipping words, phrases, and pictures out of newspapers and magazines. That was how I crafted back then! I’ve always loved art - was never good at painting, drawing, or much anything else except playing the violin until a very dark time in my life...

In 2005, I went through a very traumatic ordeal in life that created a great deal of mental, emotional, physical pain, and anguish. This ordeal changed me inwardly and outwardly. I was lost. I didn’t even know who I was anymore. I was in the darkest place of my life that I had ever experienced. It was an abyss.

I had seen some mosaic crosses made from broken tiles and I thought to myself, “wouldn’t that feel good to be able to break something and “not” be looked at in a certain way”. So, I acquired some ceramic tiles, grout, paint, and some boards and I went to breaking...before I knew it, I had created something beautiful from my heart and soul that had hidden meanings in them.

I wasn’t trying to make anything special, I was just piddling around in order to get my mind off my situation, so that possibly - I could break the cycle of pain and despair I was feeling. When my husband hung up one of the boards - I stared at it and suddenly the word, “HOPE” jumped off of it and I started yelling, “do you see that?” The word, HOPE is on the that very moment, I knew - my God had not forsaken me during this dark time, and He was so ever near to me.

A few days later, 3 more boards came to life...FAITH, LOVE, and DREAM. Then I started making mosaic crosses. This became enjoyable for me. I put the newspapers and magazines away because I just experienced a new form of art - Altered Art/Mixed Media, whatever you wanted to call it back then. To me, it was just art!

When I started crafting many, many years ago - it was from a place of pain. Both mental and emotional...I used crafting to cope with the pain I felt internally. Today, when I craft, I create from my heart and soul - whether it’s happy, dark times, sad times, or full of joy and laughter...thus - Heart to Heart Soul Creations (H2hsc2020) came into existence.

Whether it’s scrapbook layouts, tags, cards, mixed media, altered art, pocket letters, loaded envelopes, or junk journals of any theme imaginable - I craft for enjoyment. I craft from my heart and soul - I give life to something as simple as a paperclip.

H2hsc2020 was founded on the Word of God. God IS the reason I live and breathe today. I learned a long time ago, the true meaning of forgiveness. I learned resilience through abandonment. I learned how to survive when others said I wouldn’t. It was ALL because of God’s grace, forgiveness, protection, guidance, comfort, and loving me just the way I am. I won’t apologize for my faith and when I craft for others, I speak blessings into everything I create for them...from my heart and soul to theirs.

Today, h2hsc2020 has many more meanings than just crafting. I enjoy walking with my ancestors by way of Genealogy. I guess you could call me, the family Genealogist! LOL - I enjoy visiting cemeteries, taking photographs of the headstones, learning of the history, and meeting new family I never knew I had by way of DNA. I love perusing the photos of yesterday in hopes of possibly finding a family member who I have yet to see.

Through crafting and genealogy, I decided to begin a blog to share my interests with others of my passion through these wonderful outlets. I live today from a place of resilience because of my life motto is, “if I can instill hope to another human being who might be mentally/emotionally hurting - living in a dark place internally, feels they are unlovable, dealing with depression, going through a traumatic experience, thinking life isn’t worth living anymore - then I’ve done what I’m supposed to do. After all, I am the evidence that things do turn around for people - -BUT we have to put the work into it. We can’t expect a different result by doing the same routine...we MUST shake it up and flip that switch called life”!

After the traumatic ordeal, I mentioned at the beginning of my post, I learned about Wellness Tools. (a list of tools a person has used in the past that helps them stay well and helps relieve symptoms. i.e. listening to music, crafting, taking a walk, journaling, swimming). 

Crafting is at the top of my Wellness Tools. I find crafting takes my mind off current situations and takes me to a place of calm. With music playing in the background (another Wellness Tool of mine), I can remove myself from the things that are bothering me and possibly weighing me down. Crafting is very therapeutic

I have an extensive list of things, I enjoy doing in my Wellness Toolbox. They range from journaling my thoughts, taking a drive through the country, walking among the headstones in a cemetery, taking a long hot shower, sipping on a hot cup of tea, crafting, listening to music, visiting with a friend, putting on makeup, sitting on the porch watching the birds, listening to my chimes sing, playing with my grandson, getting a pedicure, watching a movie, organizing a closet, and, looking through vintage photos. These are a few of my interests. I have over 200 items listed in my Toolbox that I can pull from when my emotions or mental health begins to get the best of me. I depend on my Wellness Tools daily to keep me well. 

Sometimes, something that comes so commonplace as crafting may seem difficult for me because of where my headspace is. If that is the case, I reach for something else from the list of things I have created. I do this in hopes of averting a mental health episode. 

Heart to Heart Soul Creations was birthed from a place of pain, darkness, and a hopeless feeling. You don't have to go through your stuff alone. There are facilities and people willing to help you get back on track. It is NEVER too late to start over...

Soba Recovery is one of those facilities. They have a simple admission process with addiction specialists on standby 24/7. Their direct admissions helpline is 866-547-6451 and their website is

Soba Recovery would like to spread awareness that when a person feels like they have nowhere to go to fight your addiction, you do. They are here to help! 

They are licensed through the Department of State Health Services (DSHS) and accredited by The Joint Commission on Accreditation Healthcare Organization (JCAHO). 

Through the years, Soba Texas has helped hundreds of families, locally and beyond who battle the horrific aftermath of addiction. They have saved hundreds of lives. 

Their mission unites people who have reached out for help with their loved ones to help them regain the tools they need to continue living a prosperous and sober life. 

Soba is staffed with 24/7 doctors; nurses and residential techs who look over and care for the clients around the clock and they are ready to help YOU

You too can begin building your Wellness Tools and getting your life back on track today. What are you waiting for? 

Heart to Heart Soul Creations

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